3D Perspective provides 3D measurement and scanning services to order. An important point in the provision of this type of service is their high quality while maintaining competitive prices, which is directly translated into the production costs. Measurement services provided on order by 3D Perspective will allow the limitation of costs related with the borrowing of equipment, and save time as a result of the lack of the necessity for training additional personnel.

We provide these services, among others, for:

  • archiving the geometry of objects;
  • reconstruction and modification of parts for which no technical documentation is available;
  • reproduction of parts with complicated geometry, problematic to design using 3D modelling software;
  • providing expert opinions (complaints, assembly problems);
  • checking and verification of measurement results of parts manufactured by you, or in the case of the occurrence of measurement uncertainty concerning parts provided by your suppliers;
  • avoiding problems related with the lack of workshop or personnel-related possibilities to complete the required measurement process.

3D Perspective guarantees reliable and independent measurement results documented by the measurement report. All measurements are performed by engineers with many-year experience.

Measurements and scanning are performed in the client’s company using mobile systems, such as measuring arms, optical trackers, white light and blue light scanners. There is also the possibility of shipment of parts to be verified using stationary systems.

Please feel free to contact us to establish the date and selection of an optimum measurement system for the control of a given element.