The possibility to apply 3D print is perfect for companies, irrespective of various functioning profiles, from sole proprietorships to engineers in manufacturing companies. In order to meet the requirements of even the most demanding clients we offer not only 3D print, but also assistance in the development of concepts of new products. We work on the CAD software, based on guidelines for individual technologies, we also create documentation and visualization of objects. Both assistance in the selection of printing technology and the methods of finishing are based on the target use of the given part. The spectrum of services offered by us, as well as contacts with specialists in businesses related to additive manufacturing, allow us to offer a complex service from concept to post-production.

The guidelines for the project – designing is very often the designing ‘from scratch’ of the projects of individual products, or modernization of already existing products. This process may start from the moment when the client draws own idea on a sheet of paper. We help the clients to create unique products through the verification of their concepts from the aspect of the technological possibilities offered by 3D print. Such verification allows us, as early as at the stage of working on the idea, the selection of appropriate technology, and consequently, considerable limit the manufacturing process.

3D project – the designing of a 3D project is based on technical documentation and the guidelines obtained. The project may be prepared as a whole by the client and uploaded as a 3D print file. The 3D printer software may detect errors resulting from the geometry of the model, or incorrect preparation of the model for printing. We offer assistance in the area of 3D design and file management. At the client’s request, we may perform visualization. Please submit ready-made projects through the contact form.

3D print – We provide 3D print services in the latest technologies and professional 3D printing systems. Each detail manufactured by us is produced from original and certified materials, dedicated by the producer to a given type of machines. Due to this, each part offered by us is of the highest quality. Each solution is adjusted to the client’s requirements.

Finishing – in the case of models which are designed to fulfil visual functions, the manufactured model may require processing. In accordance with the client’s requirements concerning the quality of the surface, texture and covering of the model, we may propose a number of finishing methods, such as varnishing, artistic painting, galvanization and metallization. 3D print may also play the role of a matrix for the lost-wax casting technique or vacuum casting, due to which even several hundred items of a ready project can be produced from the mould manufactured based on the print. Please contact us for further details concerning finishing methods.